HENNEKE ANDREAE                                                   

I am an artist who recently moved back to my home ground of Friesland (NL) after having spent 27 years living and working in the west of Ireland. In my artwork I use sculpture, photography, video, drawing and performance. The work might exhibit as installation art or be created as site-specific work. It always observes or critiques our relationship with the ‘natural’ world in which we exist, and is specifically connected to the relationships we have with non-human animals.



2018    ‘Verhalen in het Landschap’, group exhibition, O18, Oldeberkoop.

2018    ‘Kunstenaars laat je Kunsten zien’, group exhibition, Galerie                           Westerkade, Leeuwarden. Curator: Henk Dillerop.

2017     Graduation Show, LSAD, Limerick.

2016     ‘Scarlet Poeiesis’, group exhibition, Limerick. Curator: Brendan                    Fox.

2016     ‘ABLE’. Artists Books Exhibition, Limerick.

2015     ‘Relics’ and ‘A Mass Communication’, group exhibition LSAD,                           Limerick. Curator: Peter Morgan.

2014      LSAD Drawing Awards 2014. Selected by Nevan Lahart.

2013      ‘Alchemy’, group exhibition, the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon.                  Curator: Trudy van der Elsen.

2012      ‘Trasna‘, group exhibition, the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon.                    Curator: Trudy van der Elsen.

2012      ‘Depth’, group exhibition , the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon.

Curator: Trudy van der Elsen.


2013 -2017   Limerick School of Art & Design. Bachelor  Degree in Sculpture                                                and  Combined Media.

2011-2013   Art and Design, Fetac 5&6, VEC Ennistymon.


2018 ‘the Ecological Citizen’, Vol1 No2 2018, the Ecocentric Alliance.
2017 ‘Interspecies Art’ – Henneke Andreae.


2016   Marie Brett (artist), E.gress, National Tour, Ireland.


2017   ‘Art, Ethics and Consideration for Nonhuman Life’, extended essay.

2013   ‘Loss and Love’, short story.

2010    ‘My journey into creativity’, in ‘Art to Heart’-newsletter.


2018  Workshop Facilitator NatuurKunstMindfulness, Heerenveen.
2013  Work experience Steiner School, Tuamgraney, co Clare.

2012  Halloween, Art workshop for Kids, Art to Heart, Tubber,co. Clare.

2012  Easter, Art workshop for Kids, Art to Heart, Tubber,co. Clare.

Other art related achievements:

2018   Volunteer with Stichting ‘De Muze’, community art project                               ‘Heldinnen van ‘t Veen’, Heerenveen.

2018   Guide in ‘Het Grote Grutto Theater’, Natuur Museum Fryslan,

1993   Actor/dancer,’Shadowcatcher’, short film, director Audrey                              Concannon, Galway.

1992    Extra, Peter Greenaway’s ‘Baby of Macon’, Amsterdam.

1984-1985      Actor/dancer,’the Oresteia’, International Theatre Group,                     Amsterdam.

1977-1982   Dancer with ‘Duende’, Modern Dance Company,                                            Heerenveen, NL. With performances in the Netherlands, Italy and

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